Synth Patcher App Service

Store all synthesizer tones

The synthkorea Patcher app can store synthesizer tones on smartphones without a memory pack or cartridge diskette.

Easy and convenient tone management

You can save the synthesizer's single tone and the whole tone separately. You can manage sound sources in various and convenient ways by providing file management and modification menus.

Free tone market

In the tone patch market, the factory-released sound source and the whole tone and single tone are registered. It's free to download and you can share it with your friends..

Synthesizer tone storage application introduction

Easy and convenient design

The synthkorea patcher app is designed to be simple and easy to use. You can use all menus on one screen.

Detailed usage manual

Easy to understand how to use even beginners. Manual are provided with YouTube videos.

Save by touch

You can simply store the tone of the instrument with the touch of a button at the bottom of the app. You can easily save single voice and all voices on your smartphone.

Send by touch

When you touch a file you want to transfer from the App patch file list, automatically transferred.

Easy file management

You can conveniently manage various sound sources by providing a file management source.

Free tone download

Synthkorea patcher app can download commercially available tone sources from the patch market for free. You can download factory reload patch sources

Best selling popular synthesizer tone storage

Masterpieces synth that are more than 20 years old are still used by professional performers. The complaint of most synth players is the tone. Older synths can't easily get a memory pack and it's expensive The Synthkorea patcher app allows you to simply store all synthesizer sound sources on your smartphone. Of course, it is free for life.
Check right now.


Preparations for communicating with the instrument

In order for the smartphone and the instrument to communicate with each other, a MIDI adapter is required. The Synthkorea Patcher App can use both wireless Bluetooth MIDI adapters and wired USB MIDI adapters.

The wireless Bluetooth MIDI adapter that can be used for the Synthkorea patcher app can only be used with Yamaha MD-BT01 wireless Bluetooth MIDI adapter products.
Users of the wired USB media adapter should prepare the USB OTG gender.
The following USB MIDI adapters can be used in the Synthkorea patcher app.
Roland UM-ONE mk2
Edirol UM-1X
※ We do not recommend using a wired MIDI cable except Synth experts.
It is recommended that the MIDI adapter is a wireless MIDI adapter. The Synthkorea patcher app is a Yamaha MD-BT01 product only app. Other products are not compatible.
For purchasing instructions, search for Yamaha MD-BT01 in the Internet shopping mall.

Only one in the world!!

There is only one Synthkorea patcher app in the world. There are many applications on the market that store and send synthesizer patch sources, but no application is dedicated to a particular instrument. Also, the only app that stores one tone is the Synthkorea Patcher app. You will be amazed at the convenience of using the app for free.

  • You can conveniently receive the sound source by using the wireless Bluetooth MIDI adapter.
  • You can save sound sources with a simple touch.
  • You can send and receive one voice and all voices.
  • Dozens of files can be easily managed by providing a file management menu.
  • You can download factory and various patch sources for free from the patch market.
  • You can share music with friends all over the world.
  • Anyone can use it easily with detailed usage guide.

Introduction of released applications

Get the app for android

Go to download

Download the patcher app from the Google Play Store. The best selling synth patch app has been released. If you install the app on your smartphone and look at the usage guide, you can download the tone of the instrument immediately. Currently, only Android OS Smart Phones can be used.

Launched translation app for each country

The Synthkorea Patcher app is translated to Korea, USA, Japan, and various languages ??to release the app. You can easily and conveniently manage and store your sound sources anytime, anywhere, and share them with friends around the world.


This guides you through questions about the patcher app. If you have any further questions, please use the email. Email:

The patcher app is a synth only patch file sending/receiving app that stores a synthesizer sound source file on a smartphone and sends it back to synth.
Synthkorea developed and launched for the first time in the world.
You can save and send files in the same way as a dedicated memory pack for instruments.

A dedicated memory pack can only store files once. When you save another file, the old file is erased and the new file is saved. Dozens of packs are required to store multiple different sound patch file.
The Synthkorea Patcher app can store dozens of sound patch file on your smartphone.
The only feature of the patcher app is that it can store even one patch tone.
Patch files transferred from the patcher app to the instrument are automatically saved to the instrument's internal memory.
The sound patch source is maintained even when the instrument is turned off and on.
Refers to a term for updating a system file or sound source file stored in the synthesizer's internal RAM memory.
The patch file is a system exclusive file.
In a synthesizer, a patch is a user voice (tone) and system data update.
The Synthorea Patcher app is like updating your instrument to a new patch file.

All sound patch sources in the patcher app are edited and downloaded directly from the instrument.
In other words, it is the original sound source file of the instrument itself. This is a system exclusive (SYX) file that dumps the sound source produced in this way directly to the patcher app.
Therefore, even if it is transmitted dozens of times, there is no sound source loss or error in the instrument.

The patcher app source can only be used on the same instrument.
ex) M1 ---> M1 , T3 --->T3 , D50 ---> D50
When you send a patch sound source to a different instrument, there is no response from the instrument received..
Therefore, you can send patch sound sources only between the same instruments.

All patch file are automatically stored in the instrument's internal memory upon transmission.
The sound source is maintained even when the instrument is turned off and on.
For details on how to use, see “Tranmit Patch” in the User Manual.

No abnormality occurs in the instrument at all.
If a forced cancellation is made during transmission, turn the instrument's power on and off again and send it again.

Yes. You can use it again.
nce downloaded, the sound source is automatically stored in the phone's internal memory and can be used permanently.(※All downloaded patcher app files are saved)
When replacing the smartphone, you can back up the entire [synthkorea] folder in the smartphone's internal folder and copy it to the new phone.
If you install a new synth application, you can use it immediately.
If the smartphone is lost, it is not possible to reload the sound patch file.
Therefore, in case you have a lot of stored patch file, you should save it on your PC or USB memory chip.
All Synthkorea application sound sources are stored in the [Synthkorea] folder of the smartphone's internal memory.
It is recommended to store important sound sources on a USB memory chip from Sometimes.

If you can't send it, please check as follows.

1.Are the IN and OUT of the Bluetooth MIDI adapter correctly connected to the MIDI ports IN and OUT of the instrument?
The Bluetooth midi adapter lights up during normal connection.

2. Did you connect [Bluetooth] in the multi-menu on the top right of the app?

3. When connected properly, the button at the bottom of the patcher app lights.

4.If transmission still fails, check [User Guide] and check the MIDI settings of the instrument.

5.If that doesn't work, turn the instrument on and off again, exit the application, run it again, and try again from the beginning.

You can use one MIDI adapter for all instruments.
The synthkorea Patcher App can only use Yamaha MD-BT01 Wireless Bluetooth MIDI Adapter.
Even if you delete the app and re-install it, the downloaded sound source files will not be erased.
When you install a new patcher app, downloaded sound sources automatically appear in the app patch file list.
However, if the smartphone is completely initialized, all data will be lost.
See question 7 above.